12 Most Stunning Beaches in Colombia That Seem Unreal

Most Stunning Beaches in Colombia

Colombia has almost 3,000km of coastline along the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans plus dozens of amazing islands in the Caribbean. There are perfectly maintained beach resorts, tiny deserted island getaways, dramatic coastline alongside dense jungles full of wildlife and world-renowned … Read more

Driving in Colombia: Should You or Should You Not?

Driving in Colombia

Having a car during your visit to Colombia can mean you have more freedom, more spontaneity and can visit even more of this amazing country. The intercity road network is now mostly very safe with well-maintained roads while driving in … Read more

Buses in Colombia: Everything You Need To Know in 2024


Traveling around Colombia by bus is a great way to see some spectacular landscapes, save money, and visit towns inaccessible by air travel. Buses in the country can be exceptionally comfortable with large, reclining leather seats, entertainment systems, air conditioning, … Read more